An Apology

Most if not all of you are aware of the grueling political situation in the United States–if not the world–over the past couple of weeks–if not several months–and I’ve been torn between obsessively following it and deciding that such a level of political involvement, though it’s been my default for some considerable time, might actually be counterproductive in that it leads to either cynical apathy or counterproductive pessimism, neither of which do any good for myself or others. This last week, too, has been complicated by my falling victim to a stomach illness that had me bedridden and calling in twice in a row to my job. Though I’d hoped to find a silver lining in increased artistic production time as a result, a splitting headache and a number of (apparently symptomatic) shoulder pains soon put a stop to that. Therefore, there’ll be no new issue this month, though I’m still working on the next one. Many apologies and I hope to return soon. The ladies above, among other folks, can’t be left hanging forever.